Business Jets and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic was on the eve at the beginning of March, and with other travel restrictions, it also hit the business jet marketplace. But now as the situations are getting better business jets currently witnessing a considerable rise in demand. People now prefer to fly privately to avoid crowded airbuses and airports.

The domain of the business jet/private jet is another sector of the aviation industry. It is currently beholding a great demand in the industry. The wealthy community favors this sector, and that’s why its demand is flourishing when the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the whole industry.

People prefer business jets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They don’t want to travel with people having unknown travel history. While on the other hand, the private jets usually have clear immigration and customs separate from the crowded airport terminals. 

Airlines are cutting flights up to 90% for the foreseeable future. There is still uncertainty about when networks and frequency will high to normal. Post COVID-19 pandemic, those flights took millions of dollars daily for important business meetings, vacations, or family visits.

The aviation sector will take longer than anticipated to fully recover from the disturbance caused by COVID-19. Although operations are starting somehow, airports and airlines are still under severe limitations to ensure control on COVID-19. This has also pushed up the ticket prices, and business jets are on board now. 

If we talk about the current situation of the world regarding COVID-19, the private aviation companies have reported the increase of queries and booking by 400%. The massive explosion can be attributed to social distancing and travel restrictions recommended by WHO and other health officials. 

Why choose business jets?

Health authorities around the world are suggesting social distancing and practicing it to be safe from COVID-19. People are also turning to book private jets to help them relocate their parents or travel freely without subjecting to the government bans on airlines. 

According to the Globe air report, business/private jets are 30 times less risky than commercial flights. Business jets have the minimum risk of infection, and they also can fly long distances. Therefore, it has proven to be a reliable choice for elite class to business and government officials. 

The profits in Business jets revenue

The growing MRO services demand for business jets is increasing. The massive growth is predicted to result in a growth of MRO services. According to estimates, the revenue of the private business jets will have the US $4.36 billion by 2024. But, the upcoming new wave of new business jet operators requires high MROs. It may surpass the 5 billion dollars now. 

Post COVID-19 effects on business jets

Many analysts are predicting V-shaped recovery instead of U-shaped recovery for the business aviation sector. Yet, there are many uncertainties about the world’s connectivity recovering to the pre-crisis state.  

Business jet companies are already reporting a huge number of new clients who have never flown private before. Therefore, business aviation is becoming more and more popular among working-class people. It is because of the limited number of contacts with people during the flight. Business jet companies are now set to continue its growth and support the post-crisis recovery of the aviation sector.

Increasing demand for business jets

Unlike the commercial flights, chartering a business jet allows you to travel at your flexible schedule. You can schedule your flight anytime according to your ease and needs. Also, there are hundreds of dedicated business jets terminals around to choose from. 

In this way, people can travel with ease without a lengthy check-in process and security lines at public airports. With business jets, there will be less chance of physical contact with people, and it is easy to avoid COVID-19 infections. Moreover, no early checkups are needed, just 15 minutes before departure is more than enough. 

By taking a business jet, people can also skip the custom and immigration queues. As soon as the jet lands, they can climb their ride directly from the plane. Besides, business jets tend to move faster than commercial flights. It is because business jets are not tied to specific schedules and routes. The operators can plan your routes, and the business jets mostly fly much higher than the commercial airbuses to avoid air traffic.

Business jets on the ground

The other best thing about private business jets is that they are not bound to the same hubs and spoke networks used by airlines. If the business jet has enough fuel, it can fly directly until it reaches the final destination. 

Commercial jets fly at 35,000 feet while smaller jets fly much higher, so they are above the air traffic. It will minimize the time to reach the destination without any fear of getting infected with COVID-19. 

How to fly on a private business jet and quit airlines?

Smaller business jets don’t require the vast runways and staff offered by the key airports to enable them to fly out of smaller spots. There are many smaller airports available than major ones to board the small jets. When you get off, your bags will be moved right into your car, so you don’t have to spend time at the baggage carousel.

How to fly on a private business jet and quit airlines?

To start flying in a business jet, you need to do a little legwork. It is crucial to figure out which flying providers and mode would be best for you. If you are a new client to the business jet, you may want to opt for an ad hoc charter before buying a membership or business jet card. 

You may also consider fractional or full aircraft ownership later if you are satisfied with the business jet services. Well, it all depends on your business/personal needs and budget.

The aggressive pandemic of COVID-19 has heavily impacted many industries and populations, but business aviation is an exception. Therefore, it is a good time for business jets, and they have the chance to get new potential clients. 

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