Small Leaner Airlines

The term leaner is synonymous to traveling with a low-cost carrier (LCC). Leaner operation means low ticket prices with limited amenities or services by provided by low labor costs.

LCC operations with emphasis on reducing operating cost structure, by cutting out traditional services and facilities.  An LCC aims to make a profit in good times and bad thus providing extreme challenges for legacy full service airlines.

LCC airlines usually have newer advanced aircraft and can function for longer routes with economical fare to entertain their passengers. These flight operations generate less revenue but then compensate it by charging extra fees for all onboard services. These low cost airlines have originated to sustain the country’s economy, but they offer limited destinations, thus curtailing travellers’ choice.

The emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic has opened doors for leaner airlines. Because the world is in crisis, and airlines are in a survival mode- functioning minimally with zero to no demand. All the world’s airlines reported significant losses since COVID 19 cancellations started to hit.

These are unpleasant times, and the road to recovery will be choppy for all. The restoration of airlines is dictated by its customers, and gradually they have started realizing the need to travel.

The leaner operations have the following features to ensure low-cost flying:

Surprises in Customer Services

The air travel industry has started to embrace lean operations for all good reasons. The epitome of lean technique is to go straight to the bottom line to improve the customer’s experience.

The best scheme to meet customer satisfaction is a small ticket price for long-haul flights. Long routes at low-cost have become challenging to achieve in the travel market. According to a survey, more than 60% of travelers throughout the world think about money they will spend before opting to travel. Therefore, the low-price strategy is the best way to grab customer’s attention.

Functions at Low Fare

Tons of travelers spend hours chasing after the low-cost flights. Every passenger’s train of thought stops at a good flying experience at a low cost. How do these airlines manage to be economical yet practically functional?

It’s achievable by barring the essentials. Those travelers who can work out and do good without all cozy and comfy customer services opt for leaner airlines to save some bucks.

If you have ever traveled via leaner airline you’d know well about the services or amenities which are not provided.

  • You can’t reserve seating before the flight
  • Snacks/meals are not offered during the flight
  • Limited or no inflight services
  • A refund option for the issued tickets is not available
  • Absence of priority boarding

Cost Containment Principles

In lean airlines, anything that is excess or waste is eliminated, thus ensuring the transparent services at a low price. In this grand scheme of operations, every service is calculated. The exempted revenue due to low ticket cost is remunerated by charging for all kinds of onboard services.

The passenger pays cut-price for the seat, but everything else is paid like:

  • The carry-on baggage fees
  • Online selling of tickets and the option of online check-in are provided
  • All onboard services are paid
  • Extra baggage fees
  • Extra pennies are levied on the reservation of particular seats

On-Time Performance

The airlines that adopt lean operations work on cutting the cost. The efficiency of its workers is boosted by emphasizing on-time performance. The employees tend to make most out of the limited time and limited sources. Leaner operations work on escalating the working capability of its airbus or ground assets as well.

Many companies have internalized posters, promoting staff to follow lean principles. These posters are being pasted in crew lounges and terminal baggage piers. Lean machines are used to save the time required to turn aircraft around at gates. And lean tools to instruct or train pilots, and to reduce maintenance activities. However, this system seeks and terminates sources of waste, inflexibility, and invariability in operations.

Airbus A320

LCC’s work on the principle of cutting costs by barring the essentials. Such carriers tend to entertain its customers at low prices. It has advocated a win-win situation.

In lean operations, small airbuses are used for long-haul flights. Small airbus leads to minimal maintenance cost, thus curtailing high ticket prices. Though the aircraft is small and doesn’t offer very spacious legroom. But to ensure the convenience of its passengers, the distance between consecutive rows is made reasonable.

In lean operations, the strategy of taking more flights in a day generates good turnover by the end of the year. Flying small jets means the need of fewer passengers to fill the capacity. In a limited round-trip cost, airlines can guarantee all the promised services. Such aircraft don’t require big grounds for landing. A limited staff for maintenance and other operational activities as needed.

Big Deals

Today, leaner airlines have made a stable position in the major airline market of the world. Such airlines have a flexible nature to attract passengers. Passengers are always seeking good deals to grab, which offer excellent facilities/ services at reasonable prices.

  • When booking in leaner airlines the earlier you book, the lower fare you get
  • Big deals are laid out – 50% to 80% airfare is reduced during off-seasons or red-eye flights. 
  • This is the best time to take off if you are looking for a round trip on a budget
  • Big discount promotions are offered by low-cost airlines to entertain their customers
  • One-way tickets are usually priced higher as compared to full round-trip. Leaner airlines sell a la-carte tickets- which means the prices of the tickets depend on availability

Final Takeaway

Flying through leaner airlines will be the right choice in this unprecedented crisis. If you have an urgency to travel and also worried about getting infected with Covid-19, try leaner airlines and experience a pleasant journey in the clouds.

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